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We offer green cleaning

For over 13 years we have been cleaning carpets and removing stains using state of the art, environmentally friendly solutions for the best cleaning results.

Our carpet cleaning solutions are non-toxic, bio-degradable and safe for the whole household.




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Carpet Cleaning

At TLC Carpet Cleaning we use the Hot Water Extraction method, also called steam cleaning. This is considered the most effective carpet cleaning method available and is the best way to accomplish deep cleaning. This method of carpet cleaning uses hot water sprayed into the carpet at high pressure to clean the fibers themselves, not only lifting the surface dirt, but removing the deep soil from the carpeting. Combined with the detergents and cleaners we use, this method of cleaning carpets leaves a very clean, almost sterile, carpet surface.

Steam cleaning carpets should almost always be done by trained professionals, as it requires a large amount of skill and knowledge to be done properly. When done correctly, the soil, dust mites, etc. are killed by the treatment and everything is vacuumed away with the high-powered equipment we use.

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