TLC Carpet Cleaning

Commercial and Residential

We offer green cleaning

For over 13 years we have been cleaning carpets and removing stains using state of the art, environmentally friendly solutions for the best cleaning results.

Our carpet cleaning solutions are non-toxic, bio-degradable and safe for the whole household.




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      Auto-Truck-RV Cleaning

Lets face it auto seats and carpets are some of the most abused materials around. We sit in our cars hour after hour our feet are in the same location. We drag mud, snow, water and dirt onto these carpets and they get soiled very quickly.Cleaning car seat

But there is hope when the professionals at TLC Carpet Cleaning arrive. We pre-treat the  seats and carpets with an enzyme based cleaner that loosens up the dirt then be extract the dirt with a hand wand using high pressure hot water and a strong vacuum system to get the moisture and dirt out.

Call the professionals at TLC Carpet Cleaning to get your truck, car, RV or boat looking its best.


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